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October 23, 2010

Sassoon Academy Collection SS11 / Neue Kraft

The geometric abstraction of Russian constructivism meets the beautiful functionlity
of Sassoon technique.

'Today is the deed
We will account for it tomorrow
The future we leave to fortune-teller
We take the present day. '

The geometic abstraction of Russian Constructivism meets the beautiful functionality of Sassoon techique in Neue-Kraft, the new Spring Summer 2011 Collection by Sasson Academy.

Finding inspiration in the dramatic androgyny of repetition and uniformity, Neue-Kraft echoes the masterwork of twentieth century science fiction, from Fritz Lang's Metropolis, through Blade Runner, to Tron.

"Naum Garbo's Principle of the interaction of three-dimensional froms within space, provide the framework for this season's new Stereometric cutting technique" says Mark Hayes, "Shapes overlap and intersect with dynamic movement, bold disconnected lines that circle the head create a series of innovative forms - all underpinned with the classic Sasson principles of shape and balance"

"The Tektonika colour technique traces the perimeter edges of each precisely planned stereomtric line, "says Peter Dawson. "An Obsidian palette of maroon,charcoal, navy and Stygian black is set against the sci-fi starkness of pure white monochromatic base."

The result - a newly minted vision of modernism's 'gesamkunstwerk' or total work of art.

Iselin Steiro in Vogue Paris

Sasha Pivovarova in Vogue US November 2010

photo: Patrick Demarchelier

October 15, 2010

Costume / nr 54 November 2010

photo: Morten Qvale
makeup: Therese Dombek
hair: Eirik Thorsen
hair ass: Miriam Langseth / Aleksander Harlem
backstage photo: Helene Polmar

October 2, 2010

Det Nye / nr.14 Oktober 2010

photo: Renate Torseth
styling: Vibeke Stiansen
makeup: Rubi Sørvik
hair: Eirik Thorsen
hair ass: Nils Andre Gjeitnes
model: Aleksandra